1. to provide humanitarian assistance to people with chronic diseases, transplanted persons and persons with disabilities;

  2. The Foundation initiates and implements projects aimed primarily transplanted people, people with disabilities and people suffering from chronic diseases;

  3. The projects aim to improve the position in society as well as improving the quality of life of persons with chronic diseases, transplanted and people with disabilities;

  4. providing various forms of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable health and socially vulnerable persons;

  5. The improvement of social and health care;

  6. promoting and improving public health;

  7. promotion and advancement of science and education;

  8. cooperation and support of scientific research projects in the field of treatment of chronic diseases and transplantation;

  9. participation in the construction and equipping of health facilities;

  10. providing other forms of assistance;

  11. rewarding individuals for their contribution in the development or improvement of medical care;